June 2020
Photo courtesy of Vicky Mansfield Photography 

The committee for 2020 .

Gloria Bevan  and Lizzie Windsor - Joint Chair 

Casey Dorman- Vice Chair 

Judith Tunstall- Secretary 

Liz Hughes - Treasurer

So  no-one has had the year we anticipated for 2020 and i genuinely hope all our members and their familys have managed to stay safe and well during the cornovirus pandemic. 

As we move forward into running events, i can assure you all as a committee our upmost concern relates to the welfare and safety of our members and we will be doing everything we can to maintain this during events by following the BRC and Government guidelines. 

I'm thrilled to say we have now been given the go ahead to commence training events and competitions and we are highly optomistic that camp will go ahead as planned. 

Upcoming events- 
  • Sat 4th July - Dressage  / flat work clinic - Cara Dobbins
  • Saturday 18th July  - Jump clinic - Lester Miller  

  • Saturday 25th July - Unaffiliated Dressage Competition 

  • Sunday 26th July XC clinic (Smallwood) Laura Fortune 

  • August 

  • Sunday 16th August - Wed 19th Aug CAMP 

  • Saturday 29th August -  Unaffiliated Dressage competition 


  • September

  • Sunday 27th September- Unaffliated Dressage Competition 

Keep checking for additional events which will be added as we go along.
Hope to see you all soon. As always, a thank you to all our helpers. All the committee are volunteers and are very greatful for all extra help provided by our members to keep these events running for everyone to enjoy. 
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