Massage demonstration

with Erika Green Sat 28th

January Hargate Hill EC

(certified E.S.M.T. registered IAAMT)


Erika came and performed an interesting and educational session.......which Vinny enjoyed very much as a bonus ! We managed to shelter form the rain in his stable and were all shows some technique to relax our horses and learnt how this can help with problems ; such as hollowness, one sidedness, grumpiness, reluctance to move forward, stiffness,tension, forging, short strides, head tossing and performace. 


Rider Confidence Course (Classroom based). Sunday 29th January 









What an amazing session this was! Really well attended by our members and i think everyone had came away with something that inspired them for their futures with their horses! 

Some of the feedback from the session.....

 "well structured, amusing, relevant, though provoking and very enjoyable"

 "it was brilliant! Karl is a great communicator. Feeling inspired"


  "It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who has confidence issues and now I know why I always need a nervous wee before I get on 😂😂. Thought the clinic was ace and a great start to a new happier year of riding"

If there is interest we can look at arranging this for people who missed this and am happy to arrange a trip for the archery day if a gorup would like to go :)