Equine themology

Helen Barnard 

Saturday 22nd and

Sunday 23rd April

(Dates and times by prior arrangement. Covering yards 

in and around the Glossop area


“Prevention is better than the cure” Equine Thermography is the use of the latest infra red digital technology allowing direct visualisation of areas which are cause for concern. Extensive research in human and equine fields has demonstrated that many injuries and physical conditions can be accurately detected using Equine Themography before any physical signs and symptoms are visibly apparent, and it provides a unique way to monitor a horses recovery from intense activity, injury and illness. I use an infrared thermal imaging camera and unlike conventional X-rays and MRI scans, Equine Thermographic Imaging does not use any radiation and is therefore perfectly safe for the horse and the handler. 

Benefits of Infrared Thermography:                                

  • Performance monitoring for injury prevention

  • Early detection

  • Rehabilitation

  • Lameness

  • Poor performance

  • Pre-purchase examinations

  • Training monitoring


This will pick up any potential issues including poor saddle fit. I will e-mail your horses scan out to you and go through the scan findings during your allocated slot. Make sure your horse has been stood in a stable unrugged for a couple of hours before the scan and the area to be scanned must not be touched by your hand or brushed during this period until after the scan. The area to be scanned will need to be free from mud, sweat or any topical creams including fly spray as the camera works by reading changes in blood flow on the skins surface.

You can ride immediately after the session as the procedure is non Invasive

Helen and the beautiful "Moo"