• At present (due to BRC recommendations) all our events are BRC members only. Membership forms can be found in the membership link on the Home page. 
  • Sept 
  • Saturday 13th - Jump Clinic with Lester Miller

 £30 for a 30 min private jump lessons with Lester in our all weather out door arena.

This is open to BRC members only. All abilities catered for. We may be able to

accomodate semi-private or group lessons if needed, but this would need to be

discussed with committee in advance to ensure we follow coronovirus rules.

There will be strict social distancing and hand sanitiser prior to going in and coming

out of the arena. Only 1 groom per rider.  Toilets will be available but please speak to,

one of the committee before you head to the yard to use them so we can insure they

are cleaned after use. The cafe will be open from 7th Sept.  You will need to attend for your

lesson and leave straight after.
Entries via Paypal to Highpeakridingclubpaypal@gmail.com FRIENDS AND FAMILY ONLY,

or bank transfer on request. Entry can be sent to the same email as above.

We are trying to avoid cash due to coronovirus


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